Peter Bagge

American cartoonist Peter Bagge (Dec 11, 1957, New York) is probably best-known for his comic book Hate. His sense of black humor is supported by his exaggerated cartoon style - ideal for portraying the middle-class American youth, which he was part of: "We were the weirdo outcast kids of...

Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Since Marvel's latest Sci-Fi action hit "Guardians of the Galaxy" hit cinemas in early August, more and more comic book fans are getting hitched. Once again Marvel and Disney Studios made a good choice when selecting their director, cast and crew. The result is a colossal box-office succes...

An Almost Romantic Comedy: EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL

In spring 2010 the Icelandic volcano EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL erupted a cloud of ashes disrupting air traffic in almost all of Europe. Ill luck for tavellers, especially for Valérie and Alain, who are setting out on a flight from Paris to Athens to attend their daughter's marriage. Double crap, i...

From Up on Poppy Hill - Returning to Japan's Early 60s

Yokohama, 1963 - Umi and her siblings are living in a small hotel run by her familiy and located on top of a hill. Her mother is a doctor and frequently out on work-related travel. Her father, once a sailor, died during the Korean war. In front of her house and in plain view of the harbour...

Mecca for Fans of Japanese Culture: Preview on AnimagiC 2014

By early August, Beethovenhalle Bonn will become a mecca for dedicated fans of Japanese culture, once again. AnimagiC 2014 opens its gates for the 16th time, expecting 15,000 visitors from all over Germany and Europe. Like in the previous years, the convention features animes, mangas, game...

Atak - White Trash Carnival and a Blaze of Colour

Visitors were greeted by a blast of colour on entering ATAK's White Trash Carnival exhibition at Erlangen's city center "Shop Gallery" in June 2014. Born in Frankfurt/Oder in 1967, Georg Barber - aka ATAK - is a master of complementary colour, and on entering the salon, it became hard, no...

Going West - Once Upon a Time in the Comics

Conqureing America's Wild West has always been a symbol for an aspiring society, where fortune favours the brave – and the strong ones rule. In this world danger lurks around every corner and needs to be averted at all costs – a concept that seems to fuel America, "till the day". European...

Goodbye to a Great Visionary of the 21st Century: H.R. Giger

Giger, you slice my tissues into thin microscopic slidesfor the world to see.Giger, you razor-shave sections of my brain and plaster them still pulsing across your canvas. Timothy Leary, 1991 When Timothy Leary wrote these great words about a great artist of our times in 1991, he wa...

Swiss Impressions According to Plonk & Replonk

Publishers Hubert (1963) and Jacques Froidevaux (1960) are probably better known as Plonk & Replonk... least in their home country Switzerlad as well as in neighbouring France. The two brothers and artists living in La Chaux-de-Fonds have been working on „cartoons“ f...

150 Years of Mischief: Max and Moritz

Starting in mid-February, German Museum for Caricature and Draughtsmanship Hannover has set out to present a new perspective on one of the most popular German artists and writers of all time, with their exhibition „Deutschsprachige Comics von Wilhelm Busch bis heute“ (German Co...

Review: H.P. Lovecraft - From Beyond and other Stories

Dutch illustrator Erik Kriek has created an ornamental and heavily inked fifties horror comics vision of five Lovecraft stories in his most recent comic book „Vom Jenseits und andere Erzählungen“ („From Beyond and Other Stories“), published November 2013 by Berlin based avant-verlag. Work...

Review: Serenity #1 - Joss Whedon's Great Space Western Continues

January 2014 has brought along more good news for all fans of "Firefly - Serenity": Joss Whedon and Tim Minear's 2002 tv show featuring Mal Reynolds and his crew of outlaws once again has made it to Dark Horses's sci-fi section. There they have found a home since 2005 starring in a number...

Annual Statistics 2013: A Great Year for bilderundworte

In 2011 bilderundworte set out for a new online era. By launching our new website and starting a facebook fan page we were determined to give comic books a new and worthy virtual home. But, just like everything else in life, we soon realized:THIS IS GOING TO BE F****** HARD. Despite the f...

Out Now: Evangelion 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo

German fans have been waiting for quite some time for this dubbed version of Evangelion - You can (Not) Redo. They finally got lucky: Universum Anime has released a DVD and Blue-Ray edition of Hideaki Anno's sci-fi remake last week, December 13, 2013. In this part of the epic storyline...

Hergé – For the Sake of Clarity

Belgian cartoonist Georges Prosper Remi was born May 22, 1907 in Etterbeek, Brussels. To many of us he is mostly known by his pen name: Hergé. The Adventures of Tintin, drawn in his distinct ligne claire style, have made him and his two heroes famous throughout the world. Georges Prospe...

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