Superman, Superman. Who owns you?

George Lucas is an envied man. Creating the "Star Wars" Universe turned him into one of Hollywood's richest and most famous directors. After the first part of his space saga hat turned out a great success, he did something crazy: he declined an offer for better payment on the follow ups an...

Master of the black line: About the Inker

The "Inker" in the US is often called "finisher", "embellisher" or "tracer". As one of the main artists working on a comic book it falls to him to "beautify" or "polish" the penciller's work. Or simply put: He's the one to add the crucial lines and textures. As a rule the famous black "Ind...

Tom Palmer: I ink like a superhero

Whenever a comic book is produced in the US, a number of artists play an important role. Division of work is in order - and this is not surprising: The industry's giant output must be maintained. As a side-effect, it is often the combination of different crafts that shapes a series and pro...

It's destiny: Gene Colan drawing comic books

Like many of the early and really great comic book artist Eugene Jules "Gene" Colan started drawing very early on. Born September 1, 1926 in New York City he created his first work of art at the age of three. Growing up in Bronx/Upper East Side the "Coulton Waugh" adventure comic strip "Di...

Marie Severin

Marie Severin was born in Long Island, New York on August 21, 1929. Her ambitions to become a "stained glass artist" somehow changed when her brother John Severin encouraged her to another career. Working as a comics colorist at EC Comics himself, he convinced Marie to join his profession....

Mort Meskin

Mort Meskin was one of the really great old school American comic book artists born May 30, 1916 in Brooklyn, New York. He is today best known for his work on a number of Golden and Silver Age comic books and characters roughly dating from the 1940s to the 1960s. Although his influence on...

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